Sustainable Electricity Access for Africa Network

Africa has an electricity problem

Africa’s electricity deficit is a major obstacle to human and socioeconomic development with pernicious effects on health (think of project Bo), education, security, and business growth. Power shortages cost Africa 12.5% in lost production time, compared with 7% in South Asia. Lack of electricity in over 90% of Africa’s primary schools is a factor in children’s educational under-performance. The health-care sector is also affected because uneven power supply and power cuts prevent the use of life-saving equipment and the refrigeration of medications. Harmful indoor pollution from wood stoves, kerosene lamps, causes an estimated 600,000 fatalities each year, half of them children under the age of five years. Read more on Afrobarometer

Erin Baker, Associate Dean of College of Engineering, UMass Amherst

Click on the image to read more about professor Baker's work.

Destenie Nock, Ph.D. Candidate Dept. of Industrial Eng. UMass Amherst

Destenie works at the intersection of energy and sustainability, and is interested in how stakeholders preferences towards equity impact power systems development.

Dr. Simiyu Justus, Senior lecturer, dept. of Physics at the University of Nairobi

Click on the image to read more about Dr. Justus's work.

Edwin Muchapondwa, Professor, School of Economics, University of Cape Town

Click on the image to read more about professor Muchapondwa's work

Franklyn Kanyako, Ph.D. Candidate Dept. of Industrial Eng. UMass Amherst

Franklyn is interested in environmental decision-making, uncertainty in climate policies. Click on the link image to read more about his work.

Todd Levin, Energy Systems Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory

Todd works on advanced optimization and simulation methodologies to model complex interactions in electricity markets and quantify the implications of domestic energy policies and regulations.

Asampana Samuel Atarah

Dr. Atarah is a lecturer at the department of Physics, University of Ghana. His research interest includes : Material for solar and clean energy applications. Application of X-ray Diffraction in characterizing material for energy application.

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